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Digital Video Distribution

At the Meet-Me Point for Digital, Azzurro HD provides switching, encoding and decoding, cross-conversion and up-and-down conversion for SD/HD content based on customer requirements. These services are available both for full-time and occasional use circuits.


First-Mile, Last-Mile Connectivity

Azzurro HD is your single point of contact for the provision of fiber circuits to and from our facility and between any other locations. We work with the most respected carriers in the region to ensure competitive pricing, and handle all coordination and quality control for the installation. Once service is up and running, we monitor each incoming circuit for quality, using both automated systems and human oversight. In addition to local fiber, Azzurro HD can provision long-haul fiber circuits and satellite connectivity to any point on the globe in order to provide customers with complete end-to-end solutions.

Terrestrial Network Design and Management

Azzurro designs, provisions, equips and manages intercity networks for the transmission of broadcast-quality digital video. We develop and present comprehensive options including diverse fiber vendors, local access and equipment. We negotiate contracts and SLAs that meet your operational requirements, then provision, turn-up and manage the network on your behalf.

Venue Services

Azzurro HD has dedicated circuits to venues including the Met Life Stadium, NY Giants training facility, United Nations and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). If you need a feed from a NYC metro venue, call Azzurro HD.

Third Party Services

Azzurro HD has relationships with regional and national fiber, satellite, teleport and mobile truck operators. We provide full-time and occasional use traffic functions supported by our 24/7 NOC. Whether it is a 15-minute feed or a 15-day event, we can coordinate it from start to finish.

Social Media Streaming

In addition to traditional media, companies require providers to deliver content to social media platforms. Azzurro has adapted to this rapid development of content delivery methods. Azzurro has the ability to stream to all social media outlets.

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