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Workflow Planning & Conceptual Design

Consulting Services Facility Planning Azzurro Systems Integration (ASI) engages in the critical role of designing technical infrastructures for media and entertainment broadcast facilities. Our world-class knowledge and experience helps the client and the architectural design teams coordinate to make the right decisions before construction begins, avoiding expensive and time consuming re-engineering and re-design. ASI’s staff of senior project managers/consulting engineers are recognized for their talent working as part of the Architectural and Engineering (A/E) design team to ensure attention to detail and coordination of all design elements. We provide facilities planning and review and act as the liaison between the client and members of the
architectural teams. Interior space planning, room layouts, and traffic flow in a broadcast facility require the specialized and practical experience that ASI’s consulting engineers possess. Functional floor plans and work area relationships are a critical component of proper planning. ASI helps guide your project team by specifying cable paths, conduit/cable tray
and I/O boxes as well as grounding and floor loading requirements. Our experience guarantees that electrical, mechanical, (HVAC) and other critical supporting systems are properly designed to assure energy efficiencies resulting in significant cost savings.

Azzurro SI provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Facility Analysis & Systems Recommendations
  • Space Planning and Room Layouts
  • Console & Work surface Designs
  • HVAC Requirements
  • Power and Heat Load Calculations
  • Grounding Specifications
  • Cable Paths and Conduit Specifications
  • Floor Loading Requirements

Broadcast Technology Consulting

ASI’s senior project managers/consulting engineers understand the media and entertainment broadcast industries. They possess the intellectual property that provides thought leadership in all of our projects. We effectively guide you through the multitude of decisions in order to determine the best course of action in this rapidly changing media business environment. Broadcast technology is changing at a record breaking pace and ASI ensures that business decisions are sound, viable and practical, and will help avoid obsolescence in this ever-changing world of media and emerging technologies. We analyze your entire workflow and consider all operational issues. Our analysis provides insight into the design of current or planned processes,allowing you to base your operational decisions on a thorough understanding of your workflow requirements. We develop solutions that work with your infrastructure and accommodate upcoming operational and technical changes within your existing and future frameworks. ASI understands technology. We know that the best way for a project to succeed is through planning and, a thorough understanding of the design requirements and technology capabilities.

Our senior project managers/consulting engineers support your team to develop:

  • Technology Based Business Strategies
  • Migration to New Digital Media Workflow
  • Software Integration including: (ICDs) Interface Control Documents and (APIs) Application
  • Programming Interface Documents
  • Multi-Platform Delivery Solutions
  • Technology Comparisons
  • Risk Assessment & System Redundancy Evaluation
  • RFP Document Creation
  • Facility Move Planning & Migration Studies
  • Budget Development
  • Analysis & Descriptions of Operational Environments
  • Workflow & Process Analysis
  • Centralcasting Solutions & Strategies

Systems Integration Services Project Management

Our experienced senior project managers are responsible for your project from the initial stages through to completion. The emphasis is on communication, collaboration, and a commitment to your project’s success. The project manager acts as the client representative; he sets the technical vision, manages the project schedule and budget, and coordinates the information flow among the client, ASI and vendors. One of the unique and distinguishing qualities of an ASI senior project manager is that in addition to having a high level of project management skills and business acumen, each is an experienced systems design engineer.
Each of our senior project managers has in depth knowledge of architectural, MEP and other construction disciplines. They create a collaborative, synergistic relationship with the clients’ stakeholders to achieve the highest level of communication that serves your project’s unique specifications. Comprehensive planning ensures risk management and mitigation. All aspects of your project are handled professionally, including precise coordination with equipment vendors, timely delivery, adherence to budget and project schedule and quality control. Depending on client needs, ASI project managers have extensive experience working with union trade labor and “specialized” requirements. They also have significant experience in managing subcontractor staff.

ASI’s in-house departments and processes ensure that the project managers and clients’ requirements are rapidly met.

These include:

  • Engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Control
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly

These departments use custom designed, current, relational database systems ensuring that all project changes are fully tracked. All members of the ASI and client team are given appropriate access to a web based project management tool that allows for the secure upload and free exchange of both textural and design drawing information via the cloud.


ASI engineers design and implement best-of-breed solutions that work within your facility and budget. We are always ready to adapt to changing business requirements. Our engineers are veterans of the broadcast industry with over 100 years experience collectively designing systems ranging from traditional to cutting-edge. Azzurro SI delivers a comprehensive system design package including block and schematic diagrams, elevations, space planning and console designs, mechanical, and other specialized drawings. Our engineers use the best tools available, including Auto- CAD, to create the designs that have become an industry standard and incorporate the most suitable equipment from the most appropriate vendors.

Equipment/Material Procurement & Logistics

Azzurro SI has developed strong relationships with all the major vendors and equipment manufacturers enabling us to independently recommend the entire range of technology to suit the needs of your project. Your project benefits from our volume purchasing agreements, which equates to substantial savings for you. We negotiate preferred pricing on behalf of our clients to ensure you get the best possible value. Our procurement team handles purchasing, tracking and follow up, material and equipment quality control, inventory control, bar-coding and vendor coordination. Azzurro SI’s proven approach to managing projects of any size – small or large, simple or complex – assures that things will get done on time and exactly as expected, without surprises. Our state of the art inventory control and asset management system synchronizes the project schedule, ensures the integrity and reliability of the entire system, and saves you time and money.

Custom Fabrication & Off-Site Manufacturing

Azzurro SI’s fabrication takes place in our 30,000 square foot building in Northvale, New Jersey, which houses the necessary shops, areas, and materials to support the most demanding projects, including systems with hundreds of racks and mobile production vehicles. Cable fabrication is performed utilizing programmable, automated stripping equipment, manufactured to the highest industry standards, thereby eliminating cable failures. All cables are tested prior to rack or patch field installation. These methods dramatically reduce on-site installation time.
All equipment, consoles, cable harnesses, and panels are fully staged at Azzurro SI’s Northvale facility prior to packing and shipping to the site. The system is inventory controlled and prepared for shipment. Racks are blanket wrapped and loose equipment is palletized. Your system is shipped and delivered to site by professional electronic equipment movers.

On-Site Systems Integration

Once on site, the SI Project Leader (senior installer) and supporting installers receive the equipment and supervise the move-in, including all cable pulls, rack and console positioning and all equipment installation. All cables are terminated and neatly laced into racks and consoles. The ASI Project Manager in conjunction with the Project Leader serves as the on-site liaison with the client’s staff, contractors and vendors; identifying and resolving any issues in a quick and professional manner. Azzurro SI provides a professional fully laced installation of all rack cabling using lacing bars and various types and styles of tie wraps. One of our distinguishing characteristic s is that Azzurro SI installations have a tradition of a highly professional look.

Project Commissioning, Testing, Training and Post Project Support

ASI tests all systems and networks as they are brought on-line. All cables are tested, and “blue lined” on drawings to confirm correct connectivity and cable continuity. All system hardware is programmed and video and audio levels are calibrated. Vendor commissioning is then scheduled and supervised by the ASI senior project manager. ASI provides basic training to the client’s staff with an overall system review of all documentation and drawings. This ensures a thorough understanding of the design and system philosophy. All operational training on equipment is then scheduled and coordinated by ASI between the vendors and staff. As the project progresses, as-built documentation packages are generated in both hard and soft copy and delivered to the client. These include schematics, wire-lists, equipment lists and other supporting documentation. Manufacturer equipment manuals and warranty cards are supplied together with any associated accessories which are neatly assembled into boxes. On-air technical support for launch is always available. For post project support, ASI has developed customized scheduled preventative and emergency service support programs as well as extended warranties to support each and every client’s needs.

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