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Scope of Work

  • Install an AzzurroCam remotely
  • controllable robotic camera system
  • Backhaul camera feeds from Connecticut to Los Angeles while LA Broadcast Center maintains control
  • Install a 6-camera studio to be operated with minimal personnel on the East Coast and have production control on the West Coast

The Technology

  • Sony BRC-H700 cameras
  • Ikegami HD handheld camera
  • IDX wireless camera system
  • Shure wireless microphones
  • Harris NetVx encode and multiplexing solution
  • MediaXstream transcontinental video transport
  • LightPath HD local loop

The Challenge

  • Design and install a system to transmit video signals across the US.
  • Control camera functions and switch from shot to shot – remotely.
  • View six camera video feeds, the program, and preview feeds in HD.
  • Provide a multi-camera production without camera operators in a relatively small studio space.

azzurro-group-directv-dan-partrick-show-guiThe Project

Azzurro Systems Integration furnished DirecTV with the expertise of the Azzurro HD all-digital and HD-enabled video hub, as well as ASI’s design and installation experience to meet the Network’s need to backhaul all of its camera feeds from Connecticut to Los Angeles while maintaining control at their Los Angeles
Broadcast Center (LABC).

ASI supplied DirecTV with an AzzurroCam fully integrated, compact production system to remotely control five robotic Sony BRC-H700 cameras, and one Ikegami HD handheld camera from its Los Angeles Broadcast Center using the systems touch screen user interface.

In addition, Azzurro HD has provisioned, and is managing a LightPath HD local loop that transports the program and preview feeds to Azzurro HD as a 100 Mbps Jpeg 200 compressed signal from Milford, CT to New York, NY. Starting with this high bit-rate ensures quality video signals through multiple encode and decode iterations. Once the signal reaches Azzurro, it is decoded for monitoring and passed through a Harris NetVx encode and multiplexing solution. From there, it hits the MediaXstream transcontinental video transport service between Azzurro HD and DirecTV in Los Angeles where DirecTV can view the program and preview feeds. All other camera feeds are viewable via the touch screen so DirecTV has the ability to control and frame any shot whole the show is in progress.

In New York, Azzurro HD is providing 24/7 support and live monitoring and troubleshooting during the daily showing of the Dan Patrick Show. With this system, DirecTV can control each camera’s functions, such as pan, tilt, zoom, focus and DirecTV can remotely switch between which camera they want to air. This alleviates any “television” responsibility from Dan Patrick radio crew.

Azzurro was able to deliver a functional, integrated solution in a very short amount of time despite numerous changes and additions made to the initial design. Their support during our rehearsals and launch was invaluable.

DIRECTV Vice President, Production

Jorge MontoyaDirecTV