MLB Studio K Secaucus, NJ

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Scope of Work

  • Design, build and install fiber & copper signal infrastructures between the central equipment room ER-1, Studio 21 and PCR3.
  • Design and install a Robotic camera system.
  • Build a temporary training facility.
  • Decommission the temporary training facility and install the robotics system in Studio K.
  • Blue line and test the installed systems.

The Technology

  • Ross Furio Robotics Camera System
  • Sony HDC-P1 Cameras
  • Canon Lenses
  • Ikegami HLM-1750 WR and HLM-2450 WB QC Monitors
  • Evertz terminal equipment
  • Lectrosonic wireless mic systems
  • Riedel wireless intercom systems

The Challenge

  • Design and install a Ross Furio Robotics system in a 400 sq. ft. space.
  • Build a temporary training facility at Azzurro’s Northvale NJ facility to house the Ross Furio robotics system so that the operators may familiarize themselves with its operation prior to installation.

The Project
Major League Baseball (MLB) added a new production stage and an associated supporting production control room in support of their morning show “Hot Stove”.

Studio K occupies a 400-square-ft. space in MLB Network’s Secaucus, NJ, headquarters that previously housed the facility’s mailroom and storage cage. With just over two months to complete construction in time for the re-launch of Hot Stove as a morning show, MLB Network had all hands on deck.
Because of the size of Studio K, MLB Network turned to small Sony cameras with Canon lenses and Ross Video’s FURIO robotic camera system. The studio exclusively uses three robotic cameras, which have the ability to dolly, elevate, pan, tilt, zoom, and focus. From the control room, one camera operator can program the robotic cameras to hit designated marks.
MLB Network chose the Ross robotic camera system over a manned camera system in order to give Studio K more depth on-air.
Because there is a significant distance between Studio K and MLB’s Technical areas, ASI used Belden Multi mode and Single mode fiber between the studio and tech areas.

“No matter how much time you have, it’s never enough time, but everybody did a great job scrambling and getting this studio accomplished in an unbelievably short time.”

– Senior VP of Operations, MLB Networks

Jorge MontoyaMLB Studio K Secaucus, NJ