NHL National Hockey League Venue System

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Scope of Work

  • Design and Build a High Definition Video Distribution and Collection System to be transported via a MPLS network
  • Install new systems in all 30 team venues.
  • Aggregate signals from rights holders and officiating cameras.
  • Install remote control broadcast cameras in center ice scoreboards for Player Interviews and Player Practice
  • Provide documentation for each subsystem.
  • Test each subsystem as it launches.

The Technology

  • Evertz Cross Converters and Routing
  • Evertz Vista Link remote control and monitoring
  • Grass Valley Servers
  • Cisco MPEG Encoders, Decoders and Networking
  • AzzurroCam Multi Camera control system

The Challenge

  • Design and Install a single rack system in each of the 30 Leagues arenas to collect, format convert and transport five (5) High Definition Video feeds via the leagues MPLS network.
  • Design and Install a Broadcast quality remote controlled video and audio system for player interviews and practice sessions.

The Project
The National Hockey League needed to collect and distribute a number of High Definition Video signals from and to all of their teams’ venues. These signlas include two (2) rights holders’ feeds, two (2) overhead goal cameras and two (2) in net goal cameras for interviews with players using a remote controlled camera sytem back to the network production headquarters in NYC.

Because of the varied video formats on the incoming right holders feeds from the trucks, and the various formats needed to feed back to venues scoreboard replay systems, agile format converters need to be routable and remote controllable. They also needed time of day and game clock data transported within all the officiating video feeds. Azzurro was able to design, build and implement all of these features into a single rack tht also included the NHL’s existing statistics logging system.

With the installation of the venue system, the NHL desired to use it for acquiring additional material for their broadcast operations. By installing AzzurroCam remote control camera systems in each of the arenas center ice scoreboards, they are able to conduct two way interviews between the players on ice and the NHL production studios in NYC. They are also able to capture the players practicing and warming up before games.

Asi provided documentation for each subsystem and identified all tasks in a chronological order. At the completion of the integration ASI provided a lead engineer to test the sytem as subsystems were brought up.

Jorge MontoyaNHL National Hockey League Venue System