NY 1 News Multi-Channel Master Control

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Scope of Work

  • Design and integrate new Master Control Room and supporting Equipment Room
  • Integration of new routing switcher system
  • Three new master switchers
  • New server and automation systems
  • New monitoring and support equipment
  • Provide infrastructure for seven program distribution streams

The Technology

  • Evertz Master Control System
    16 x 16 Router
    QMC2-HD MC Switcher
  • Evertz MVP
  • Chyron MicroX
  • Omneon Server System
    Media Grid
    Media Deck
    Media Ports
  • Dalet Automation System
  • TBC Consoles
  • Tandberg Encoders

The Challenge

  • Create a new master control facility and improve the workflow environment.
  • Route news feeds to multiple distribution steams from a single Master Control area using three Master Control switching systems in both HD and analog.
  • Route and distribute HD-SDI signals with embedded audio channels.

The Project
Azzurro Systems Integration provided services for a turnkey Master Control Consolidation for NY1 News in New York. The project involved the design and integration of a new master control room and a supporting equipment room in the existing facility located at 75 Ninth Avenue, New York, N.Y. The HD upgrade included a new routing switcher, new server and automation systems, new monitoring and support equipment and infrastructure required to provide 14 air channels.

The consolidation allows NY1 news to provide multiple distribution streams form a single Master Control Area using three Master Control Switcher systems. The Master Control facility is built to support HD-SDI with embedded audio. Each of the Master Control systems consists of an Evertz QMC2-HD MC Switcher. A Chyron MicroX is used in each system for real time insertion of lower thirds by the Dalet Automation system. One system feeds the normal NY1 News programming to Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Bergen. The second system feeds Queens and the third system feeds the NY1 News dedicated Spanish language channel for a total of seven distribution paths. Each of the distribution paths are split to create an HD path and a down converted SD path. The HD and SD path have their own Chyron Cal box for dedicated HD and SD bug and crawl insertions controlled by VDS through the Dalet Automation system. Once branded, the HD signal is converted to ASI for transport to the cable head end for the HD cable tier and the branded SD signal is de-embedded, converted to analog for the SD cable tier.

Local avail triggering is done by the Dalet Automation through the Tandberg encoder for each HD path and a Monroe VIRC encoder for each SD path.

Programming segments are stored on an Omneon Media grid with playout through Omneon Media ports. In addition to the media ports, Omneon Media Decks are used to supply back up programming in case of a failure of the Omneon server or media ports. The Dalet Automation manages the content on the Media Grid and Media Decks.

Monitoring is accomplished with a 72 input Evertz MVP System on four 65” LCD displays. The MVP system also includes 8 ASI inputs in order to monitor the outbound HD-ASI signals. This allows enough monitoring to view the numerous sources and the various stages of the outbound paths. There are four QC stations with Harris VTM’s for critical waveform and audio level monitoring.

“As part of an important upgrade project for NY1 News, we contracted Azzurro Systems Integration to assist in the construction and consolidation of our new and improved master control room. What was once a primary air feed with three local insertion rundowns grew into a combination of 8 HD and SD air feeds with multiple operator positions with the ability to insert independent bugs, tickers and graphics systems for each individual feed. The complexity of the project required additional resources with the knowledge to assist our staff and Azzurro was up to the challenge. They worked closely with our engineering team on the design and implementation and did a fantastic job helping put the room on line within our time frame and on budget.”

-NY1 News, VP Operations and Engineering

Jorge MontoyaNY 1 News Multi-Channel Master Control