Time Warner YNN Buffalo, NY

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Scope of Work

  • Build an Automated News Production Facility that includes all of the following elements:
  • Master Control
  • Digital Video Routing
  • VIP Multi Image Processing
  • Editing
  • Studio
  • Dalet Automation System
  • Omneon Media Deck
  • Transmission Path

The Technology

  • Two Final Cut Pro Edit Stations
  • Evertz VIP multi image display system
  • Ikegami 17” monitors
  • Evertz Topaz fixed matrix Router with 32 input x 32 output matrix.
  • AzzurroCam Production System
  • Dalet Automation System
  • Omneon Media Deck
  • NAVE II Neilsen encoder
  • Chyron Micro X and Cal Box graphics Units
  • Topaz Routing Switcher

The Challenge

  • Build a fully functional news channel on a reduced scale including studio, production and playout.

The Project
YNN Buffalo is part of a statewide network of Time Warner Cable 24-hour news channels, including sister channels YNN in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, and a flagship channel (NY1) in New York City.

Time Warner Cable customers across New York State enjoy 24-hour local news, putting viewers at the forefront of major news events affecting all New Yorkers.

Azzurro Systems Integration was awarded the contract to build this new YNN television production facility at their bureau in Buffalo. Azzurro assigned a team of professionals to execute the design and technical implementation of this new project. The result was not only the creation of a new facility but also an improved workflow, environment and the creation of a new paradigm for a regional news service.

Azzurro also designed and built locations within the Newsroom floor area for six reporters, two producers and two Final Cut Pro editing stations. The reporter stations are capable of P2 ingest and desktop editing using a Dalet Editing application. The Final Cut Pro stations are capable of both P2 and Digital Video ingest. All facilities are integrated into the central router, Omneon Servers and Dalet Automation systems.

The facility also includes a studio capable of hosting two talent positions. Via an AzzurroCam Production System, the anchor has the ability to control the inbound callers and their audio level as well as the camera shot and talent IFB audio levels, eliminating the need for a separate production control room.
The end result was a fully functional news channel capable of production playout and editing contained in four racks of equipment.

“The Azzurro team was not only highly skilled at design and planning, but also able to keep everyone on the same page throughout several complex construction phases. They did a great job of managing the project timeline and working with us to make sure both our budget and design needs were met. We are very happy with the outcome.”

-TWC, VP Engineering-News & Local Programming

Jorge MontoyaTime Warner YNN Buffalo, NY