Azzurro TX



HD Broadcast on Public Internet
HD broadcast quality transmit & receive over the public internet with low latency and minimal bandwidth

Full remote management with no on-site technical expertise required. Weighs only 35lbs and meets the TSA certifications for carry-on sized luggage.

Azzurro TX Features

  • Stream as low as 3Mb/sec or as high as 18 Mb/sec (minimum 10 Mb/sec recommended)
  • Full remote management by Azzurro HD Network Operations Center. No on-site technical expertise required.
  • Small size – Impact resistant case is TSA certified carry-on size with luggage handle and wheels. Weighs 35 pounds.
  • Setup in minutes – Compatible with Dynamic or Static IP. With Dynamic connection, start streaming automatically with no technical setup.
  • Input: 2 HD-SDI w/embedded audio.
  • Output: 2 HD-SDI w/embedded audio, 1 HDMI, 1 XLR analog audio.
  • Includes two VoIP phone lines, can be used for IFB/PL/Coordination.
  • Multiviewer display – monitor two transmits and two receives simultaneously.
  • Customizable Configuration For Single or Dual Path Transmit & Receive.

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